AIB Profile

AIB Profile

  • vision

    Our Vision

    We aspire to remain the most reputable financial institution and bank of choice in Afghanistan.

  • mission

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to foster economic development in Afghanistan, to be a catalyst for growth, and ultimately contribute to the prosperity of the country and its people.
    We strive to adhere to international best practices in corporate governance, financial and risk management (including anti-money laundering and ‘know your customer’), customer service, operations, information technology, and internal controls. A major factor in our success is dedication to staff development and training within a culture of integrity and professionalism.

  • mission

    Our Future

    Through our financial performance and the specific investment we have made in our people and infrastructure, AIB has become a positive emblem for achievement and transformation, despite its challenging environment.

In our second decade of operation, we remain committed to enabling a better future for Afghanistan and are proud to play a role in shaping the opportunities that lie ahead.
This status is underlined by having two major international clearing banks as correspondents, Commerzbank and Standard Chartered Bank, the only private bank in Afghanistan to do so – enabling quick and reliable foreign currency clearing services and facilitating the finance  of trade.

We also have international asset management and placement relationships and are optimistic about securing more correspondent arrangements with other leading global institutions. Repeatedly winning international awards reflects our commitment to the highest industry standards and global best practice.


The Shareholders and Board of Supervisors continue to uphold a high level of corporate governance, ensuring that the Bank’s management practices are always aligned with the principles of good governance.

The Bank has three shareholders. The shareholders operate under a policy of non-interference in management decisions and the Bank’s operations. The positive reputation and widespread business and relations of the Bank’s shareholders in Afghanistan have contributed significantly to the success of the institution. Ownership of each shareholder is shown in below table.

Shareholder Ownership %
Horizon Associates 46.25%
Wilton Holdings 46.25%
International Finance Corporation (IFC) 7.5%

Board of Supervisors

AIB has built an enduring institution that combines international expertise with local knowledge, giving the Bank a deep-rooted understanding of customers’ needs that is grounded in the highest international standards and best practices.

The Board of Supervisors has six members, comprising the Chairman, two shareholder representatives, and three independent directors – in line with international standards of corporate governance. The Chairman is also an independent director, in compliance with Central Bank regulations. The two shareholder representatives are appointed by the respective shareholders of the Bank and represent their interests. The independent directors are expected to bring impartial judgments to the Board through their expertise in the financial world, as well as governance experience.

The Board has established six committees: Remuneration, Nominating, Risk, Investment, Planning and Strategy, and Audit. Each committee has a formal charter to guide its activities.

Growth trends

AIB’s continued growth is clearly illustrated by the upward trend in key indicators between 2008 and 2015, positioning the Bank as the leading financial institution in Afghanistan in terms of deposits, total assets, and profitability.

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AIB Awards

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress, Working together is success. Our products and services are often recognized by industry leaders. Here are a few of our recent awards: