New Installed ATMs News Update

New Installed ATMs News Update

1. ABC Supermarket:

Address: Third Street, Taimani, Kabul- Afghanistan

2. Nesar Medic Center:

Address: Beside Shahzada Shahr Wedding Hall, Kart e Char, Kabul- Afghanistan

3. Kefayat Supermarket# 2:

Address: Kamal Nabi zada business center, in front of Mukhaberat, Kefayat supermarket# 2, Mazar Sharif City, Balkh- Afghanistan

4. Kefayat Supermarket# 3:

Address: Kart e Sulha, Omid Nabi Zada residential blocks, Kefayat supermarket# 3, Mazar Sharif, Balkh- Afghanistan

5. AIB Jad e Maiwand Branch:

Address: Khan plaza, Second floor, Jad e Maiwand, Kabul- Afghanistan


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