Easy Medium Term Loan (MTL)

Easy Medium Term Loan (MTL)

What is Easy Medium Term Loan (MTL)?
Easy MTL enables you to make an investment in the business by acquiring fixed assets to enhance the environment, the means of production and value of your enterprise.
Eligible investments include plant and machinery, warehousing and transport equipment.

Program details & Benefits:

  • Up to AF4.3 million/- loan to established small businesses
  • Maximum tenor of 24 months with variable periods
  • Principle and interest shall be repaid in 23 equal installments one month after drawdown.
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Reasonable fees & charges
  • Reduced administrative requirements
  • No pre-payment penalty

Who is eligible?
Established small businesses which have been operating as going concerns for a minimum of one year, have had a satisfactory account relationship with a bank for at least 6 months and have good systems in place to ensure reliable collections from their customers

The following manufacturing & production sectors are given priority consideration:

  • Agribusiness
  • Cashmere
  • Carpets
  • Construction materials
  • Gemstones
  • Marble
  • Or any other business as accepted by the bank

Small Business Definition
AIB defines Small businesses on enterprise’s total assets, annual revenues and employees in the following way:

  • The loan amount is above AF500,000
  • Enterprise employs between 10 to 100 persons
  • The enterprise’s total assets are not higher than AF50 million or the enterprise’s annual revenues are less than AF 50 million, or both.

Why Choose AIB?
Being the country’s most trusted financial institution and the pioneer bank in providing small business loans, you will be benefited from a simple, fast process, as well as exceptional savings on fees, interest rates and terms.

How to Apply?
We are always ready to help you get started on your application, so please do visit our AIB branch nearest you.

Where to Apply?
AIB branches are located in all major cities of Afghanistan. Please call +93 (0) 20 255 0255 or +93 (0) 790 255 255 to help you find the nearest AIB branch in your area.

“We understand that small businesses always need flexible working capital solutions to run smoothly”

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