Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card

Do you wish to Access all Electronic Payment Channels without holding a Bank Account?
Being a pioneer in providing banking services, AIB is the first bank in Afghanistan to introduce the prepaid card.

Enjoy the convenience of a Prepaid Card!

  • Have a Prepaid Card without having an account
  • Share the same benefits as cash, but being safer & more convenient to use.
  • Anyone over 18 years old can get prepaid card

Key Features

AIB’s Prepaid Card offers you a range of services & benefits designed to make everyday life easier to manage:

  • ATM: As a MasterCard or CUP product, the AIB Prepaid Card will let you withdraw Cash from any ATM worldwide (wherever MasterCard or CUP brands are accepted)
  • POINT OF SALE: It may be used at POINT OF SALE terminals at any store all over the world (where MasterCard or CUP brands are accepted)
  • Online Purchase: It carries out Non-Face-to-Face Transactions including online transactions through internet.

How to Apply for the AIB Prepaid Card?

1. Visit the nearest AIB branch

2. Fill out the Prepaid Card Application Form & Submit the required documents

3. Receive your Preprinted (Nameless) Prepaid Card with its PIN right away.

4. The card will be activated after 24 hours from the time of issuance

5. You can continue to use your Prepaid Card as long as you have enough credit available on the card,

6. The AIB prepaid card is valid for three years from date of activation.

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