Visa Prepaid Card

Visa Prepaid Card

Every transaction has a purpose, everywhere you want to be, explore the world with AIB Visa Gold prepaid card that will allow you to benefit from it without holding an account!


  • Retail Transaction Limit

    • Can be used at any merchant that accept Visa Card
    • $3,000 daily retail transactions limit ( POS & Online)
    • 30 transactions for POS & Online daily
    • $ 10,000 retail ( POS & Online) transactions limit in 15 days
    • 60 transactions limit for 15 days
  • Cash Withdrawal Limit through ATMs:

    • Cash withdrawal domestically & internationally
    • $2000 daily cash withdrawal limit Domestically & Internationally
    • $ 5,000 cash withdrawal limit Domestically & Internationally in 15 days
    • 10 daily ATM withdrawal limit
    • 20 transaction in 15 days, ATM limit


  • Direct deposit without holding an account
  • Re-credit option with Maximum $5,000 in physical cash and $10,000 from the account in one month
  • Card can be personalized based on your demand
  • Issuance Facility USD currency
  • Free Email alerts
  • Free E-Statement

    • Visit :
    • Your initial password is your name embossed on your card including space
    • Type the validation text and click on submit button


  • Chip & Pin
  • 3D secure
  • One time password (OTP) facility for online transactions
  • NFC (Near Field Communication), with this technology other than inserting your card at ATM & POS just tab your card and execute your transaction.


  • $30 issuance
  • Re-credit fee $6 with Max 1%
  • Monthly $1 SMS alert cost


  • 3 years


  • 18 year age

How to Apply:

  • Visit the our nearest branch

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